Postura Project Arriane Serafico


Project founder; Branding, messaging and graphic designer; Project head, Manila leg


One of the main comments about social media activism and its 'ripple' effects is that it doesn't get to transcend much outside of the middle-class population in Metro Manila.

"You're all just talking among yourselves," is a common criticism.


How might we make new, courageous and innovative ideas more accessible to more young minds?


"Just because they say 'that's the way things have always been done' -- doesn't always mean it's the best way to do it."

This was the idea that spurred the concept of The Gamechangers. (Thiswas also my personal frustration with working with the government, and having to always go against people who have an iron grip on their old ways.)

And so I decided to push for the creation of The Gamechangers, a conference on creative, unconventional and innovative ideas that are revolutionizing the ways we solve our nation's problems.

While the concept of a youth conference isn't new, there was one thing I wanted to change:

The venuesaccessibility, and audience of these conferences.

Having attended several TEDx conferences and spoken at one, I've experienced the kind of electric energy and surging inspiration that these talks always leave me with.

I wanted to be able to bring this level of discourse on innovation, courage, and game-changing, to more schools and students outside of the usual TEDx-going crowd.

I wanted to make it more accessible to a wider variety of audiences.



I spearheaded & hosted our pilot conference, held last January 25, 2013 in Colegio de San Juan de Letran.

It had over 500 students and young professionals in attendance, and our hashtag (#TheGamechangers) was a trending topic in the Philippines that day.


Through my personal networks of friends and previous collaborators, I was able to bring together a powerhouse lineup of speakers, including:

  • MARIA RESSA, head of, one of the leading online news websites in the Philippines
  • YVES GONZALEZ, developer of the MMDA App, the first government mobile app in the PH
  • BIANCA GONZALEZ, TV personality and WEF Young Globalshaper
  • ROSARIO JUAN, co-organizer of
  • ANNA OPOSA, chief mermaid and co-founder of Save Philippine Seas

‘The Gamechangers’ is a celebration of courage... The courage to say that just because it hasn’t been done before, doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
— - Arriane Serafico