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Testimonials from my students

"I never really had a concrete plan of action before [taking Arriane's course]. Everything seemed impossible and hard to do.
[But the] spreadsheet gave me this feeling of assurance that these things are doable with proper planning and money management. What I needed was hard work, confidence, and consistency to make all of my goals happen."

- Roxanne F., student & aspiring photographer from Hawaii
"There is so much great content in her brand-building workshop for small businesses. I got LOADS of ideas on how to engage our audience, based on getting a clearer idea of who that is. From now on, we will have more of a plan [and] strategy) when we use Instagram rather than just posting pretty pictures... [The workshop] was immensely insightful."

- Naomi B., small business owner from Indonesia + Philippines
"[What I learned from Arriane is] that if you really want something, you CAN actively do something about it to achieve it. Technically, other online articles have the same message, but what makes [Arriane's] courses unique is that I can really feel [her] passion to help others out through [her] e-mails (I'm not B.S.-ing). It's like she's in my head, actually coaching me to GET UP & GO FOR IT."

- Chantal T., full-time psychologist & freelance graphic designer


My name is Arriane Serafico.
I am a teacher, designer, storyteller, and entrepreneur shuttling back and forth from two tropical paradises: the Philippines and Puerto Rico.

I teach a goal-getting course called Braver Goals, and mentor creative women on how to build and grow purpose-driven small businesses.

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