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Co-founder, event organizer, workshop facilitator


My co-founder, Julia Sevilla, and I are colossal fans and implementors of design thinking as a problem solving process.

Between the both of us, we've experienced the process in action (in our own projects and in workshops/conferences we've attended in other countries) and interacted with experts and mentors who have been immersed in that design thinking world for years.

However, it has yet to really hit Philippine shores beyond books, website articles, and theory.


To be honest, no pressing social problem, really.
It was basically - how might we (sustainably) fly in our fantastic and generous mentors here to Manila so we can share our love for design thinking to more people?


We organized the first design thinking workshop in the Philippines.

Our international facilitators and mentors included:

☑ John Rehm, office founder of IDEO Singapore
☑ Kal Joffres, Director of Tandemic
☑ Stephanie Choo of Ong&Ong Singapore
☑ Jan Lim of Ong&Ong Singapore


As the first ever design thinking workshop in the country, we were apprehensive at first as to whether there were enough people who would enroll and pay for the weekend workshop.

We had our 'laugh in the face of fear*' moment when, barely 48 hours after we posted our call for participants, we had 115 applicants online -- when we could only accommodate 35.
(*Okay fine, it was more like a laugh of total relief)

The 'Play & Innovate' bootcamp was a great first experience: we had our participants go through the design thinking process firsthand, while being mentored by some of the best experts in the region.

Each group experienced conducting their own user interviews, and formulating their own How Might We statements on improving the tourism experience in urban Manila.

After their ideation, each group was able to prototype a solution for their How Might We statements, which they presented to the class and a panel of industry observers that included representatives from Ayala Corporation, Ayala Innovation, Rags2Riches, Kickstart, and other players from the corporate, startup and design industry.


  • MINT College
  • 3M Post-Its
  • Plus 63, branding
  • Kickstart
  • co.lab
  • Kape Maria
  • Social Enterprise Malaysia
  • Absolute Mineral Water

“Design thinking is a way of thinking about the world, and a way of approaching problems, with the human at its center,” explains Arriane Serafico co-founder of Designing.PH.
— - The Philippine STAR, "Stick to that thought"