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Giveaway! Win this beautiful Any-Year Planner to help you become more productive

One of the biggest reader questions I always get asked is this: HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR IDEAS HAPPEN?

My simplest answer to that question is: I develop systems for myself, so that every single day,  my focus is set, and I'm always moving forward towards the goals that matter to me most.

One of those personal systems?
Keeping a daily planner/notebook.

Writing down your to-do list is still way more powerful than any app or digital file.

Now, in order to help YOU double your productivity and set you on a rocket-fueled trajectory towards your big, brave goals, I'm giving away the most gorgeous Any Year Planner from my favorite Filipino paper brand, Sunday Paper Co.


Giveaway: Win an Any Year Planner
Get your life together, any time of the year

  • Open-dated: Who says January is the only time you can set big goals? You can begin any time of the year.
  • Big, spacious, and gorgeous: 8 x 6 inches, with a simple Kraft Cover
  • Buttery-smooth writing surface: Because writing down those goals and tasks has gotta feel goooooooooood. You'll love how smooth this paper is!
  • High-quality paper: If you're the type who likes using markers and ink, this planner is made from the best 80gsm, acid-free paper that's totally ink-friendly
  • Includes:
    • Four Themes + Four Prompts To Help Guide Your Year
    • Weekly Spread – Five Weeks Per Month
    • Notes Section
    • Full Page Saturday & Sunday


How to Enter

Entering the giveaway is easy. Use the widget below to earn entries by completing one of the actions. Each action corresponds to a certain number of points/entries, so the more actions you do, the more entries you have, and the higher your chances of winning!

Don’t forget that you can share the contest every day during the giveaway period to earn additional entries! All entries are weighted equally.

Make sure to check back on April 22, 2016 at 12:00PM to see who the winner is!

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