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A chat with Bianca Gonzalez-Intal about her word for the year: #PUSH2016

One of the most hardworking, genuinely generous, and successful women I know is Bianca Gonzalez-Intal. We met a few years back, while I was working on one of my passion projects, and she has been incredibly supportive ever since.

I remember, back when we were organizing a fundraiser after super-typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, she donated A TON of her old shoes and accessories for us to sell (complete with handwritten notes on each shoe box), and even sent a box of donuts for me and my team of volunteers, and a note to cheer us on! She's definitely one of the most genuine and generous people in her industry.

Way back in 2012, we were having coffee, and I gave her a copy of the Go-Getter Planner, one of my experimental businesses back then. I then told her about the concept of setting a theme/word for the year, which was one of the foundational concepts our planner was built on.

After thinking for a bit, she said she'll use FEARLESS for 2013, especially since she'll be going to Mexico by herself in January! Bianca has set a word/theme for every year since then (and has even written about it in her editorial articles).

Below, I asked her to tell me more about #PUSH2016, her theme for this year -- as well as how having a yearly theme helps her with her goals.

What was your word/theme for 2015, and do you think you were able to live that word/theme fully last year?

Bianca: "Over the new year of 2014-2015, I decided my theme would be BUILD 2015.

Proved to be true because we added our little one to our family, plus built on our marriage during the first year!"


Why did you choose the word PUSH for 2016?

Bianca: "All my life has been go go go -- up until last year when I got pregnant, [that] I had to kind of slow down, of course.

I just felt like this year I have to push myself a bit more than I did last year. During times that I start feeling kampante, or lazy, or "pwede na", I want to push myself to do more.

[This year, I want] to always do better: as a wife, mother, friend, career woman, citizen, lahat."

What are 3 of your biggest, most imperative goals you want to PUSH for this year?

Bianca: "At this point in my life I don't really set goals that way. Maybe when I was younger, haha!

Motherhood is proving to be THE TOUGHEST JOB ever that I've had to face, so I'm just taking this new role with baby steps, learning all I can.

I wanna get through this and be the best mom to our daughter, that's probably my most imperative goal."

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When did you start setting words/themes for the start of each year? How do you think it has helped you with how you approach your goals for the year?

Bianca: "I started in new year before 2013 hit. I knew I had stop saying, "ay, parang ayoko," or "ay, takot ako." So for 2013, I chose FEARLESS 2013.

I remember on January 1st of that year, I went skydiving for the first time!
I remember that feeling, after jumping off a plane, everything else will seem easy! I scheduled that deliberately on January 1 to motivate me with my theme.

Then on January 2nd I traveled to Mexico City alone, just to set the tone for my theme of the year.

I think [having a word/theme] really helps with goals more than resolutions - because its a mindset! It's the how to your path to your goals."

12 months in a year is a long time to stay focused and committed on one's goals. What's the best way we can keep pursuing our goals beyond the "New Year's Resolution" hype?

Bianca: "It's normal to backlash on goals, especially when the road gets tough. That's why I think themes work better because its a mindset you can keep, and constantly remind yourself of.

As for motivation, just keep thinking of why you set your goals in the first place.

If it ignites the fire within you, then great. But if it doesn't, then maybe that means you should rethink your goals.


how to set your own word or theme for 2016

I've been setting a theme for my year since 2010 (here's my theme for 2016).
It has made it so much easier and see how my story has evolved through the years -- because my words/themes have read like chapter titles!

Whether this is your first time setting a word/theme for the year, or you've done it before, here's a free worksheet + a guiding blog post to help you create it! Hint: It's not as simple as picking a generic motivational word -- make sure it really means something to you.




Hope you enjoyed that little interview with Bianca.
I really liked what she told me in that last part:

Knowing WHY a goal is important to you is the most fundamental thing whenever you're setting goals.

Why-driven goal-setting has also been at the core of what I do in my personal life + career. Instead of just setting goals that are the same every single year (lose weight, save up, travel more), it challenges me to set more meaningful goals.

Why-driven goal-setting is also at the heart of what I teach in my class -- Braver Goals: The Goal-Getting Guide for Creatives.

(This is Lesson #1 in the class, actually. I spend a full 30 minutes talking about this START-WITH-WHY concept, and you get a deep-dive worksheet with 8 pages, which my students say is a real eye-opener.)

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