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How to Pursue A Passion Project When You Have A Day Job

I’m shaking things up a bit today, and recorded a mini-podcast episode! (I’ve been obsessed with podcasts lately.)

In this mini episode, I answer a question that I was asked during the Q&A session of one of the in-person goal-setting workshops I taught a few weeks back. The question was this:

Frequently Asked Question:
How do I find time to pursue my passion project, if I’m really busy with my 9 to 5?

My answer is in the audio note below. Get your Post-Its/notebooks ready to take down notes! Hope you like it — and please let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

Some fun excerpts from the podcast episode:

  • “[A lot of] people feel that your passion is set in stone. It’s permanent. HINT: It’s not.” #BraverGoals
  • “If you really wanna commit to something, you don’t just FIND time — you MAKE time for it.” #BraverGoals 
  • “The difference between pursuing a hobby & pursuing a project — [is having] clearly defined goals.” #BraverGoals 
  • “[Even] if you have the best idea in the entire universe… if you don’t plan it out, it will be just that: an idea.” #BraverGoals 
  • “Enjoy the journey… but you gotta know where you’re headed, and why you wanna be headed there.” #BraverGoals
  • “I really believe that the world needs more people working on things they love.” #BraverGoals
  • “Life is too short to be spent sticking it out in a meh job, just hoping for the weekend to start.” #BraverGoals

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