You've always wanted a creative career. But... sharing your work to others is freaking scary. Making a career out of it? That's not realistic for normal people.

And so, you've convinced yourself that 'following your passion' or 'living out your purpose’ is just an impractical hobby, or an impossible dream, or something you can only do on the weekends.

But there are days when... you entertain the idea. What if I could? What if I could start ____? Maybe someday I can _____...

You get excited for a little while --
and then the fears and insecurities kick in:
There are so many people better than me! I don't have enough money/skills/connections to make this happen! I'm going to fail! Where in the world do I even begin?!?!

Whew. Calm down. Take a deep breath.

Something tells me some magical magnetic force in the universe brought you here... because I can totally help. Where do you begin? You begin right here. With me.

Hi, I’m Arriane Serafico, and I’m a brand and digital strategist.

I work with why-driven women who have this amazing desire to make this world a better place, and have all these creative ideas —

but don’t have a great understanding of how to turn those ideas into tangible things or services that people will understand, share, and buy, or how to translate that purpose into a story & a marketing/business strategy that attracts and resonates with the right people.


I help these why-driven creatives hone all that heart into a core message and courageous content, around which they can build -- and definitely grow! -- a (com)passionate community.


But at my very core, my chief goal is to get more of these why-driven women out of the “desire phase, and into the action arena, so that we can get more of these impactful ideas out into the world  whether its a business, product, service, a blog, an event series, an advocacy campaign — then build passionate, empowering communities around it.

My top teaching tool and growth strategy: PURPOSE, of course.

My own career journey started with turning down job offers from big companies, to work for a small NGO with a big cause that sparked such a fire in me: battling corruption in the Philippines.

Later on, I turned down more offers from huge multinational corporations — this time, to try to effect change working inside the Philippine Senate.

Yes, the work is extremely fulfilling, but I was in a unique position where my work was also creative, challenging, optimistic, and wildly fun. Plus, I was earning a living that still makes it possible for me to travel the world, and live an abundant life that I love.

What exactly were my roles, you ask?

Well, Ive always had fluid job descriptions, but the most accurate would be:
“that crazy/creative person” in a government office
“that design/marketing person” in a small NGO
“that tech/brand/innovation person” in a social enterprise.

But whether I was marketing" the fight against corruption, or youth-driven nationalism, or using creativity for nation-building, or providing sustainable livelihood for local artisans in underprivileged communities...


They all revolved around my #1 superpower:
Building a passionate community around a story that matters.


[VIDEO] TEDxKatipunanAve: Using Creativity for Nation-Building, by Arriane Serafico


Strangely enough, I was able to build a community around MY story, too:
In 2009, I started a blog that soon evolved into a platform to grow (and activate!) an online and offline community of creative women who also desire to do work that makes this world a better place
 without sacrificing creativity, fun, and profitability.

Over the years, my community has grown and achieved a lot: a fundraiser for typhoon victims, voters awareness projects, an online fashionalism campaign, women empowerment meetups and conferences, and creativity and leadership workshops, to name a few.

My biggest insight?
For (way too) many people, 'following your passion' or 'living out your purpose
’ feels like an impractical hobby, or an impossible dream, or something you can only do on the weekends.

But it shouldnt be. There are so many ways to build a career or business around meaningful, creative work. There are so many heart-fueled alternatives to these soul-sucking jobs that too many of us settle for.

And so I help my students...

  • achieve clarity on their values, bigger purpose, and goals,

  • translate that into a compelling brand and story,

  • and design a human-centered strategy that grows and supports their community.

I do this because the world needs more women to step up and grow into creative, confident, courageous, and more importantly, compassionate leaders.



  • Unilever Philippines, "How to Design Your Passion & Purpose", at the launch of the Unilever: Agora initiative, which promotes learning and innovation in their employees
  • TEDxKatipunanAve, "Theme: Modern-Day Revolutionaries," with co-speakers Maria Ressa, Dylan Wilk, John Chua, Anna Oposa and Pie Alvarez (2012)
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For more press & features, check the pages of my individual projects.

But sometimes, it [just starts with] asking yourself what you’re good at, what you love doing, and how you could channel that —

so it extends to something beyond yourself.
— Arriane Serafico, in an interview with EntrepsBuild



DesignHerStory Conference:
A conference on creativity, fun, purpose, and women empowerment

August 2, 2014, Century City Mall // Organized by Team Wanderrgirl

"Established by Arriane Serafico with the help of her friends and interns in Wanderrgirl.com, DesignHerStory seeks to bring these women in touch with their passions and create a space where they can share, discuss, and bring to life their ideas through design thinking."

- Philippine Star, "7 lessons from kickass females"
  • Instagram + Business Strategy for Entrepreneurs, a marketing + growth hacking workshop for small businesses (September 2015)
  • Why-Driven Goal-Getting, a series of goal-setting workshops for young creatives (August-October 2015)
  • Blogworthy 3, a creative blogging workshop in partnership with Ayala Museum & Filipinas Heritage Library (April 2013)
  • Blogworthy 1 & 2 (2012)
  • Why-Driven Goal Setting for 2014 (Jan 2014)
  • Spark Series: Creativity Nation, a workshop on design for social good (2011)